The Baby Time Warp

When my little people were brand new and I was on maternity leave, I came to realize that time moves in very special, very complicated ways when babies are involved. To me, every day seemed like it was a week long…or at least four days long:

il_fullxfull.478886670_44nuDay 1: Morning-This is the day that happens from the time everyone wakes up, eats breakfast, plays and snuggles and does all the other morning routine stuff until nap time.

Day 2: Afternoon-Nap time is like having a second night time, so this is like having a second morning. Basically, repeat everything above until it’s time for dinner. This can be great if you needed a nap too, or the chance to start over, but not so great if you’re not a morning person.

Day 3: Evening-I like to call this the dinner time + bedtime craziness. At the end of this day, the kids are in bed and the grown-ups wish they were too.

Day 4: Grown Up Time-With the little people all snuggly warm and dreaming, it’s time for the grown ups to clean up, make lunches, shower, check their e-mail, get things ready for the next day and spend a few minutes of time together before falling asleep themselves.

In case it wasn’t clear from the description above…these days can be paaaaaainfully long. Strangely though, the weeks go by so quickly and the months are crazy-fast. I have no solutions or explanations for this, just observations and a little friendly advice from a mummy whose been there:

Mums, be kind to yourself  and patient with your kids on these extra long days. And dads/partners, please don’t be late! Even though you only left the house a few hours ago, everyone at home has been waiting for you for days and days.

Christine Marion-Jolicoeur helps parents of toddlers to teenagers build their confidence and skills so they can stop worrying about messing up their kids and start finding the joy in everyday moments. She’s an Amazon #1 bestselling author and creator of the Joyful Parenting workbook + e-course.

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4 thoughts on “The Baby Time Warp

  1. I remember feeling (actually, still do!) like every day is Groundhog Day!! It’s so hard to be patient and spontaneous when you feel like you’re living the same day (i.e., same frustrations!) over and over again!!

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